Alpha Femme You

Alpha Femme You is one of Nigeria’s leading e-Commerce companies. Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way—by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative ideas and capturing new opportunities for growth and revenue generation. We are involved in virtually every facet of the E-commerce industry. We explore for, produce and transport authentic health and beauty products; market and distribute transportation; generate job opportunities; invest in profitable new enterprises and solutions; and develop resourceful ideas for the future, including new ways to market our many brands.

Our Root

We trace our beginnings to a 2013 idea discovery which led to the formation of True Rebel Nigeria. That company later became Alpha Femme You Nigeria and, subsequently, created several brands.


Global Scope

Our diverse and highly skilled national workforce consists of approximately 2000 employees, including more than 700 basic salary-earning employees in states outside Lagos.

Technology and Emerging Brands

We focus on technologies that improve our ability to find, develop and produce products and brands from conventional and unconventional resources. We also invest in the development of emerging ideas, such as finding better ways to make e-commerce easier and more profitable at the same time.

Environment and Safety

As a company and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live and work. We also care about the environment and are proud of the many ways in which we all work to safeguard it. Our persistent efforts to improve on our safe work environment continue to pay off.

“At AlphaFemmeYou, we have the ability to translate

Business Strategies to Revenue-Making

Business Ventures”